How do you use disgrace in a sentence?

Her behavior has brought disgrace on her family, the divorce was a disgrace to the royal family, their father lost his business and fell into disgrace, his vice president had to resign in disgrace, etc.

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What does disgrace to the family mean?

1 a condition of shame, loss of reputation, or dishonour. 2 a shameful person, thing, or state of affairs. 3 exclusion from confidence or trust.

What does do not disgrace mean?

Definition of it is no disgrace
: a person should not feel ashamed It is no disgrace to be poor.
How do you use ashamed in a sentence?
1a : feeling shame, guilt, or disgrace She felt ashamed for hitting her brother. You should be ashamed of yourself. Losing is nothing to be ashamed of. He was deeply ashamed of his behavior.

Examples of humiliate in a Sentence
He accused her of trying to humiliate him in public. She was hurt and deeply humiliated by the lies he told about her.
What is the sentence of spry?
How to use Spry in a sentence. Choose a kitten that is playful, curious and spry. His clothing was pressed and his appearance spry despite his almost sixty years. He was remarkably spry, healthy for his age, and had broken the hearts of half the widows in Parkside.
How do you use Madras in a sentence?
How to use Madras in a sentence. The district is served by lines of the Madras and the South Indian railways.
What is the sentence of patience?
Patience sentence example. What little patience he had was waning fast. There was a limit to his patience, and she had crossed it. Finally, his patience wore thin.

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