What is the opposite of vicariously?

Definition: something that is not suitable for exchange. something that is endured or performed by one person in place of another. Usage: vicarious atonement.

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What is demure antonym?

Extroverted (also extraverted), immodest, and outgoing are some demure opposites.

What is an example of a vicarious?

Endured, suffered, or performed by one person in place of another. Vicarious punishment.
What does vicarious mean in psychology?
Vicarious conditioning, which can be defined in psychology as learning through watching other peoples responses to an environmental stimulus that is most obvious to the observer, is the process of learning something through watching others behaviors, attitudes, and emotions rather than through direct exposure.

(also fake), queer, sham, sarcastic, and untrue
What is scintillating conversation?
A scintillating conversation is one that is brilliantly lively, stimulating, or witty.
What are two synonyms for evanescent?
synonyms for evanescent

  • brief.
  • disappearing.
  • fading.
  • fleeting.
  • momentary.
  • passing.
  • short-lived.
  • temporary.

What is the meaning of cursory in English?
Only a cursory inspection of the buildings electrical wiring was done. Definition of cursory: quickly and frequently superficially performed or produced.
What is the synonym of credulity?
gullibility, naiveté (also spelled naivete or naiveté), and simplemindedness.
What is the best antonym for tractable?

  • uncontrollable,
  • unmanageable,
  • wild.

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Whats it called when you experience something through someone else?

Vicarious thrill is defined as being felt or realized through sympathetic or imaginative participation in the experience of another.

What is the opposite of vicariously?

What is the opposite of vicariously?

first-hand directly
from the original source at first hand
face-to-face straight from the horse.s mouth

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