What is the synonym of voracious?

All of these words, including gluttonous, rapacious, and ravenous, mean excessively greedy, but the word voracious refers specifically to habitual overindulging in food or drink.

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What are some synonyms for voracious?


  • avid.
  • insatiable.
  • prodigious.
  • rapacious.
  • ravenous.
  • covetous.
  • devouring.
  • dog-hungry.

What is the best antonym for despondent?

antonyms for despondent

  • cheerful.
  • encouraged.
  • happy.
  • joyful.
  • elated.
  • hopeful.
  • spirited.
  • up.

What is an antonym for devour?
Synonyms include consume, eat through, reassure underspend, and stay in place.

Agonys opposites include ease, pleasure, and comfort.

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