What is the word for hard to understand?

This indicates grade level based on how difficult the word is to understand or comprehend.

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What do you call something you cant understand?

synonyms for difficult to understand
bewildering. confusing. enigmatic. incomprehensible. mystifying.

What do you call a person who is confusing?

baffled, befuddled, bewildered, dazed, disorganized, distracted, muddled, perplexed, perturbed, puzzled, chaotic, messy, abashed, addled, discombobulated, disconcerted, flummoxed, flustered, gone, misled.
What is the synonym for incomprehensible?
cryptic. adjectivesecret. obscure in meaning. Delphian. Delphic. abstruse.

formal. : difficult to comprehend : recondite. the abstruse calculations of mathematicians. abstruse concepts/ideas/theories. abstrusely adverb.
What is a enigmatic person?
An enigma is a puzzle, a riddle, a mystery. The adjective enigmatic describes what is hard to solve or figure out. An enigmatic person is someone who is a bit mysterious to others.
What is the synonym of enigmatic?
Some common synonyms of enigmatic are ambiguous, cryptic, dark, equivocal, obscure, and vague. While all these words mean &quot.not clearly understandable,&quot. enigmatic stresses a puzzling, mystifying quality.
What is the word for hard to understand?
OTHER WORDS FOR incomprehensible
1 baffling, bewildering, obscure.
What does it mean when someone is being obtuse?
: lacking sharpness or quickness of sensibility or intellect : insensitive, stupid. He is too obtuse to take a hint. : difficult to comprehend : not clear or precise in thought or expression. It is also, unfortunately, ill-written, and at times obtuse and often trivial.
What does Oblivious mean?
1 : lacking remembrance, memory, or mindful attention. 2 : lacking active conscious knowledge or awareness —usually used with of or to.

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What is a word for unclear?

ambiguous, confused, fuzzy, hazy, imprecise, obscure, uncertain, unsettled, unsure, vague, blurry, cloudy, dim, elusive, intangible, nebulous, shadowy.

What does not understanding mean?

Not knowing about something. To know something or someone. To not know something or someone. To understand something. To understand someone.s character or thinking.

What is a word for someone who doesnt understand?

A state of bewilderment or incomprehension. blankness. bewilderment. confusion. incomprehension.

What is a synonym for not aware?

Words related to unaware
heedless, negligent, oblivious, unconcerned, unfamiliar, uninformed, incognizant, blind, careless, daydreaming, deaf, doped, forgetful, inattentive, insensible, mooning, nescient, not all there, out cold, out of it.

What is it called when you cant understand someones speech?

Aphasia is when a person has difficulty with their language or speech. It.s usually caused by damage to the left side of the brain (for example, after a stroke).

Whats the word for confusing?

What is another word for confusing?

ambiguous contradictory
puzzling unclear
muddling mysterious
complex impenetrable
inexplicable intricate

e/confusion” rel=”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>What is another word for confusing situation?

3 turmoil, jumble, mess, disarray. 6 shame, mortification.

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