Which of the following is antonym of the word secret?

What is the opposite of secret?

overt forthright
visible avowed
conspicuous obvious
clear observable
candid legitimate

e/covert” rel=”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>Which is the closest antonym for the word covert?

antonyms for covert

  • open.
  • known.
  • public.
  • revealed.
  • unconcealed.
  • aboveboard.
  • candid.
  • frank.

What is the antonym of prow?

What is the opposite of prow?

stern rear
tail back
rear end reverse
rearward character
personality bottom

Whats the opposite word of show?

What is the opposite of show?

conceal cover
inhibit resist
refute put aside
put away contradict
disprove veto

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